Code of Conduct & Rules of the Event
Rules of the Event
Code of Conduct

for Portal 11 Conference


June 16-18, 2023

1 General Guidelines
— Portal 11 Conference is a community event for LARP enthusiasts, where diversity and mutual respect are highly valued. We encourage all participants to assume good intentions, be kind and respectful, and foster networking and new connections.
2 Participation
— To participate in the event in-person it is necessary to register through “PARTICIPANT Portal 11 Registration” form and accept and observe Portal 11 Code of Conduct.
—Participation in the event is free of charge. The participants will NOT be asked to pay for any part of the Portal 11 Conference. The organizers are NOT obliged to cover any costs related to the event incurred by the participants
3 Safety Team
— A Safety Team with clear identification will be present non-stop throughout the event to assist and clarify any guidelines of conduct. In case of feeling uncomfortable, participants are more than welcome to contact the Safety Team.
4 Communication & Official Language
— English is the official language during the event. If in doubt, participants are encouraged to ask for clarification. Active listening and clear communication are important in fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere.
5 Respect for Diversity
— We encourage participants to cherish diversity and be open and respectful to all kinds of differences such as traditions, identities, ethnicities, sexualities, religious and political beliefs. We prioritize inclusivity and we aim to avoid discrimination on ethnic or any other grounds in our event.
6 Stance on Aggression
— The organizers of Portal 11 are against acts of aggression on any country, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
— Anyone who justifies or supports the Russian invasion of Ukraine in any way is not welcome at the Portal 11 event.

7 Personal Boundaries
— Participants are expected to respect the personal boundaries of all attendees. If you need to express your feelings or needs, please do so clearly and specifically.

8 Self-Care
— Self-care is important. Participants are encouraged to drink water, sleep enough, and respect their own personal boundaries and needs.

9 Covid-19 Regulations
— The most recent regulations of Hungarian law toward the pandemic SARS-Covid-19 will be applied, and all participants are obliged to follow them.

10 Forbidden Actions
— Portal 11 Conference strictly prohibits the use of any kind of physical or psychological violence, alcohol, drugs, and/or other psychoactive substances during its programme.
— Smoking and vaping, both traditional and electronic, are not allowed inside the building of the event venue.
— Participants are also prohibited from damaging any part of the facility, including equipment and other materials

11 Data Processing and Media Coverage
— The personal data of participants gathered in the registration form will be processed by Parallel Worlds Foundation, the legal host of the event.
— The organizers and representatives of the Portal Larp Convention may record photos, videos, and sound during the event for documentation and promotion of the Portal community. Please contact the organizers if you do not want particular materials to be published.

12 Legal Regulations
— Hungarian law applies to all participants for the whole duration of the event. By registering for the event and accepting the Portal 11 Code of Conduct, participants agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the organizers.

By participating in the Portal 11 Conference, attendees agree to abide by this Code of Conduct. The organizers reserve the right to ask participants to leave the event or act according to specific situations, in case of emergency or evacuation, or if the guidelines are not followed.

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