About the Portal Project

Three organisations from three EU countries (Hungary, Croatia, and Poland) came together to create the 2023 edition of the PoRtal Convention, the main conference and gathering of the Central Eastern European Portal community dedicated to live-action role-playing (larp) games and their implementation in adult education. The project aims to develop, strengthen, widen, engage and bring together the PoRtaL community and to establish larp as a tool and methodology for adult education.

Portal Lectures
Listen to captivating speeches about the roots and heritage of larp, sacred places of games and many possibilities of a passionate, sustainable, educational and community-building activity.
Portal Podcast
In this podcast, you can explore the history of the PoRtaL conference, from the beginning to 2023.

Portal Scenarios
Discover the three winning live-action role-playing scenarios from the Portal Larp Scenario Contest. These scenarios, each uniquely crafted to combine engaging narratives with educational themes. All scenarios are available in English, Hungarian, Polish and Croatian.
Faces of PORTAL11 Convention

Program Branches

Join us at Portal 11 as we explore the roots and vines of our larp tree.

    Let's take a trip back in time and explore the origins of larp. What are the traditions that inspire larp designers today? We're looking for program elements that dive deep into the past of larp, uncovering the themes and inspirations that have driven us forward.

    While larp may be a unique form of storytelling, we're not the only tree in the forest. Join us as we reach out and connect with other forms of immersive experiences. What can we learn from these different approaches to storytelling?

    At Portal 11, we're continuing our journey of exploring the place of larp in the world of education & adult education. How can larp be used to teach new skills, foster creativity, and build community?


    Designing a larp is like building a treehouse: a creative and challenging process that involves crafting a unique and immersive experience for players to climb into and explore. This branch is focused on exploring the art and craft of larp design.
Enter the Portal
Join us at Portal 11 as we explore the roots and vines of our larp tree. From its origins and inspirations to its connections with other forms of participative storytelling, we will delve into the past, present, and future of live-action role-playing.

This conference brings together larp enthusiasts from around Europe and the world to share their experiences and ideas, and to learn from one another through workshops, panels, and interactive activities.

We will also examine the role of larp in adult education and consider its potential for fostering connections and promoting play and experimentation Portal 11 is a unique opportunity to connect with other larpers and discover new perspectives on this exciting medium.

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