Terrible Creations (HR)
Terrible Creations is a collective of experienced designers existing since 2014. They are responsible for numerous good experiences of companies and individuals from Croatia and beyond. They specialize in facilitation, applied learning through storytelling and shaping narratives in which each individual gets their own story and place as the protagonist.
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Nausika Fundacja Edukacyjna (PL)
Nausika is a group of educators from Kraków (Poland) who have decided never to get old and stop learning themselves. They design and lead games, trainings and educational programs focused on creativity, critical thinking and climate awareness. They run European projects and partnerships in diverse countries, as well as local events in Kraków..
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Parallel Worlds Foundation (HU)
Parallel Worlds, founded in 2018, is a non-profit organization based in Budapest, Hungary. They create immersive games, larps with a strong narrative focus. They believe that sharing experiences create and form communities and deepen relationships through which we can learn about ourselves. They believe in changing the world through play. Photo: Parallel Worlds & Portal Volunteer Team
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