What do we learn through larping?


Saturday, 13:00–14:00

Whispering Woods

What do we learn through larping? What does it mean to learn something? Or unlearn? Is it possible to step into the same river twice?

A workshop discussion about various levels of learning and larping. Mapping and brainstorming. Sharing stories and examples. For adults and youth alike, "edu" and not "edu" larp games included.

Zbigniew Janczukowicz
Founder of Nausika Educational Foundation. Runs a larp basement in the historical center of Kraków, Poland. Leader of various EU larp projects, such as Larp For Climate, Forgotten Gods, Larp Alchemy. Believes in larp as a tool for education, personal growth and social change, although would like to upgrade the word "larp" for something even more fancy. In free time, renovates an old house in the Polish mountains and watches his daughter Ronja grow.
Larp in Adult Education
Summing up 3 years of applying LARP to Adult Education framework. Facilitated by members of Nausika Foundation from Poland.