To LARP or not to LARP?


Friday, 12:30–13:00

Windy Treetop

To LARP or not to LARP, that is the question - a question that tabletop role players often ask themselves.

LARP looks to be new, exciting, and immersive from an outside view, but it can be a very overwhelming moment when you get there. And with this, many issues may arise you never thought about as a tabletop role player.

Let's follow the journey together of a person who wants to - after playing years of TableTop RPG - transition to LARPing. What will you experience? What will be your first impressions? What are the most common issues and mistakes that happen? But more importantly: what can be done to have the person enjoy this noble pastime?

József Lőrincz
Ladies and gentlemen, hobbits and wizards, dragons and dungeon masters, gather 'round for a tale unlike any other! Allow me to introduce myself, the one and only adventurer extraordinaire, a master of dice and slayer of trolls, and the one who dances with chickens! For a staggering 18 years, I have delved deep into fantastical realms, fighting alongside mighty warriors and cunning rogues, all from the comfort of my imagination. With 14 years of dungeon mastering under my belt, I have orchestrated countless epic quests and witnessed the most hilariously disastrous critical failures known to mankind.

To Larp or Not to Larp
But that's not all, my fellow adventurers! In the mystical year of 2021, I took it upon myself to co-found Alkotók Tábora, a young RPG and Board Game camp, where old or young souls could unleash their imagination and battle imaginary foes with foam swords and sheer audacity. In my normal life, I’m an Operational and Project Manager, Scrum Master and Agile Coach, and have been fascinated with Gamification since the early 2010s, gamifying multiple times my past workplaces!