The Power of Make-Up and How to Use It


Sunday, 11:00-12:30

Windy Treetop

How can makeup add to the quality of my larp? What if my npc team needs frequent costume changes? How could i get the most punch out of my resources? If you ever wondered about these questions, or even if you only ever considered makeup as a necessary evil in larping, this workshop is for you.

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Laura CsĂșcs
Laura is a long time larper and part-time professional makeup artist, enthusiastic about visual storytelling and character design. Doing makeup for larps combines two of her dearest passions (the third one is dancing) so she seizes every opportunity to do it, either for herself or an entire npc team.
We will cover topics of character makeup, inspiration and research, design guidelines, time management, safety and hygiene, tips and tricks, and more. You can expect a bit of theory (sprinkled with personal experiences and stories) then a chance to try out things in practice. We will focus on fantasy larps, but most of the knowledge shared is applicable for all genres. Makeup expertise or artistic skills are not mandatory for participation.