Summer Scripting Base


Saturday, 11:15-11:45

Whispering Woods

Summer Scriptwriting Base is an immersive learning experience, a unique combination of summer school, creative adventure, and rural retreat. The participants gain a deep understanding and know-how of the art of storytelling: how to create compelling characters, how to build captivating story worlds, and how to use thrilling elements to grab and hold the attention of the reader or viewer.

Participants take a deep dive into exciting and cutting-edge topics such as interactive and immersive storytelling, game and experience design, adventure design, and live-action role-playing.

Dimitar Uzunov
Dimitar is cofounder of Sofia based Arte Urbana Collectif and founder and director of Summer Scriptwriting Base, an immersive school for innovative storytelling. He is also founder of the platform Theatre & Science and coordinator for Bulgaria of the European project CURIOUS, linking artists with scientists. Dimitar is a director of Theatre of Wonder – Bulgaria, festival for art and science.

Summer Scriptwriting Base & Creative Storytelling
Dimitar Uzunov has authored, directed and acted in many stage productions. He has given workshops in various places around the world. His workshop Creative Storytelling was included in The Best 10 Creative Events in London for September 2018.