Spillover by Alex Brown


Friday, 14:30-18:30

Glowing Glade

This is Spillover. The title of this larp comes from the process of zoonotic spillover, which is when disease carrying organisms called pathogens transfer from wild animals to humans. In the larp, we play out the story which creates the conditions for a pandemic through colonial extractivism, deforestation and habitat degradation, and how these processes assist and accelerate each other. By alternating characters between non-human and human, this larp can create knowledge and awareness of links between climate and public health emergencies, through a visceral understanding of human action upon ecosystems.

This is a non-verbal larp, which uses sound, touch, movement, and your collective

interaction with the environment, as forms of communication. As the bat characters are blindfolded during play, you should be comfortable with being blindfolded though as players you always have the option to remove it at any point that it feels uncomfortable. One of the main mechanics of the game for human characters is building ‘territories’ with cardboard boxes, a fun and entertaining way to explore some serious and difficult themes which can be reflected on in-play and after the larp.

The larp covers a long period of time, finishing somewhere close to present day. Through this, you will experience a collective depiction of all events leading up to human pandemics.

Although an epidemic is not played out in the larp, by playing this story I hope we can

deepen our understanding of the process of zoonotic spillover, and how humanity has ended up with the present day vulnerability to epidemics.

The pre-larp workshop lasts around 1 hour 30 minutes when you will learn about the themes, structure, techniques, and create characters. The larp itself lasts around 1 hour 15 minutes and there is a short debrief at the end.

The larp is written for 6-20+ players in a large open space.


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Alex Brown
Alex Brown is an artist and larp designer from England, living in Oslo. His larps are usually designed around movement and sensorial experiences, often depicting non-human characters and challenging anthropocentric narratives.