Play Lucid Games, Win Lucid Prices


Friday, 16:30-18:00

Whispering Woods

Roleplaying and storytelling keep getting intertwined during our history time and time again... And this was never an accident. Both are firmly rooted and are integral parts of our most ancient medium of change and education: rituals.

By retracing the classically ritualistic elements in both tabletop and live action roleplaying, a whole new perspective may be gained. One utilising both anthropology and creative writing. One that allows us to take these well-known tropes and gestures, and either greatly enhance our adventure's storyboard with them, or to design scenes and interactions which vastly improve personal impact. (Mostly in accordance with the tales of old.)

However, tinkering with our collective imagination's most ancient codes has it's risks and ambiguities. In this lecture, we will sail through times long past to see a pattern of ritualism emerging, while re-coding and prioritising elements of (LA)RP-ing geared towards a traditionally transformative or moral script.

What the participants need to know/bring/prepare:

  • An open mind and heart
  • A basic ability to differentiate between direct and evocative/generalised language
  • An understanding of the great power (& great responsibility) of engineered life experiences
  • Their own stories of personal transformation
  • Their own experiences gained in ritual scenes (in LARP events or elsewhere)
  • Notes, pens, chill pills as needed
Márk Nemes
Hi! I’m Márk, and I dig magic. I’ve been roleplaying since I was 14 and writing ever since I learned how to. I am a technical columnist and creative writing guide in Húszoldalú (“20’nsider”), Hungary’s only running fantasy fanzine (focused on DnD 5e); a Public Speaking & Presentation Skills lecturer in Pécs University; and always on the hunt for publishing opportunities as a media researcher, writer and journalist. Underground creative communities are close to my heart: I’ve been organising concerts, slam’n’jam sessions, exhibitions and charity shows (No Booking) I am also the founder and mentor of Kockakollégium (“Geeks’ College”), a “Sunday school RPG education program” (democratic, improv, sensitivity and creativity exercises heavily included).

Somewhere down the line, a deeper (PhD level) study of humanity’s connection to games, myth & magic (especially, yeah, you guessed it: rituals) are my academic goals. Currently, I am developing a 5e-based primal TTRPG world/franchise, while preparing to take the first steps towards a career in game design and freelance writing.
I will also debut my concept of a new game design (/ community organising) approach of mine called "Lucid Gaming", which emphasises these elements and prompts such experiences in the setup. I hope to find the hazards and opportunities of this vision together with you, experienced heroes, villains, tricksters and storytellers!