Not Labeled As Larp: Embodied Role-playing Traditions


Friday, 18:30-19:30

King's Grove

In this panel participants will discuss embodied role-playing forms from a wider perspective. We will cover immersive theater, sociodrama bibliodrama, simulations, process drama, Drama in Education, summer camps, living history, and a lot of other forms.

After the initial introductions and discussion, we open the panel into an open fishbowl so participants could jump in and share their interpretation.

Mátyás Hartyándi
Mátyás Hartyándi researches role-playing and human resource development at the Corvinus University of Budapest. He published the first Hungarian academic journal article on RPGs and their application, and introduced multiple larp traditions into Hungarian. As a business consultant, he utilizes role-playing to develop leadership and organizations.
Melanie Dorey
Melanie is an artist and immersive theater director. She is the founder and art director of Madame Lupin, a unique artistic project that explores the intersection of theater, contemporary art, play, and performance. Melanie is known for her contemporary installations and sensory journeys in abandoned places.

Mike Pohjola

Mike is a renowned author, playwright, game designer, filmmaker, entrepreneur and interactive storyteller. He is also the chairman of the role-playing association Avatar ry and the founder of Beyond Play, co-founder of Company P, both companies combining larp with other media.

Bálint Márk Túri
Bálint has a background in filmmaking, he studied directing in Paris and artistic research in Amsterdam. He made several short films, music videos and an award-winning feature film. Bálint is one of the founders of Parallel Worlds Foundation, a Hungarian non-profit organization that concentrates on creating live-action role-playing game events in Budapest. He is a former co-runner and a current researcher of a fantasy summer camp for children in rural Hungary, that was an inheritor of the long-lived Hungarian edu-larp methodology, the “Bánk Tradition”.
Fanny Hajdú
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