Friday, 12:15-13:00

Nymph's Nook

Nekronóm is a trading card game based on a huge Hungarian edu-larp community called the "ring-camps". The aim of this ongoing project is to capture the legendary characters and lores of the camps as collectible cards, creating a kind of playable chronicle for the kids between the camps. It started as an in-game activity at Nadil fantasy camp and became an off-game monthly championship throughout the year between 5-7 ring camps. All made possible by an AI image generator and the strong community behind these camps.

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David Kara
Nekronóm is an "easy-to-learn" dueling, deck building strategy game, and the core mechanism based on a videogame called Inscryption. After a short presentation, I would like to demonstrate the basic rules, and show the card making process.