Myths Rooted in Our Cells


Friday, 16:30-19:00

Nymph's Nook

Have you ever felt possessed by a character?

Have you ever felt pushed or driven to do something, felt something that doesn't belong to you as a larp player, attending a situation in which you unexpectedly knew what to do?

How can a player's body be somehow a channel that delves into deeper stories that go beyond our conscious representation of reality? What can we perceive from a character when our mind doesn't know anything about it? What does our body know about the major myths that are rooted in our cells?

And so as larpers, can we set ourselves free from “doing” when we realize that “feeling” the character is enough?

This larped, role-played and guided workshop will explore and put into play ancient myths.

We will focus on sensations happening in the body, embodiment, relation in space, emotional dynamics, emergence from unconscious mind, and possibly catharsis.

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Louis Breton
Louis Breton is an experimenter interested in rites and mythologies reenacted/reenacting within ourselves. He explores founding stories such as rites of passage, wedding ceremonies, end of worlds and other tales. He does so through collaborative workshops and co-creative experiences.

Having studied formal architecture, he embarks on an exploration of the unseen architecture in which we live. He is trained in theater and subsequently the therapeutic field. He is currently studying “Constellation”, a practice that combines elements of psycho-genealogy and systemic role play.