From Magic Circles To Infinite Possibilities


Saturday, 10:00-11:00

Whispering Woods

Theater actors work with a defined staging, whereas the Larpers generate spatial narratives in response to the actions of others and the location of the Larp. Theater spaces are alternate reality containers, whereas Larps are often situated in open-world narratives. The theater presents a visual narrative design on a distant stage of activity. In Larp, the shared spaces create an ever-expanding magic circle that enables narratives to progress and personal and character journeys to unfold.

LARP is a medium and social practice better designed for our emerging culture of interaction and immersion. While the script in a LARP offers a rich foundation, the creative participant's inventiveness is central to why Larp can extend into other mediums.

Larp can broaden into virtual and augmented reality as well as location-based narratives in historical buildings or sites, on streets, and in nature.

Larp’s social and role-play games used in real-world situations has the potential to change our public relationship with power and restore community vitality.

David Bassuk
David Bassuk is the co-founder and Creative Director of White Horse Immersive in China, a company known for bringing the concept of live immersive narrative to media companies Alibaba and Tencent, as well as developing the narrative for the new China Eden Project in Qingdao set to open in 2023. A US theater director and professor of Transmedia Game Design and Immersive Performance, Bassuk has also taught across Europe and the Middle East for Iraq's United Nations peace mission.
Live the story
Larp as a medium needs no additional pressures to persist in its cultural and societal value, but unlike theater, Larp can render a changing world more responsive to human life's complexity because it is borne by living the story, not merely witnessing it.