Leather Crafting Workshop


Saturday, 15:30-16:15

The Green Dragon's Lair

Larp is a means to discover a variety of new passions and to develop many new personal skills. Larp can teach us about personal boundaries and how to respect them, it can teach us self-confidence and how to step out of our comfort zone. It can also motivate us to learn practical skills to develop our larp characters. During this workshop you'll learn a few things about leather working and how to craft simple accessories so you can make your character stand out from the crowd with personalized gear.

Lisa Wolfrum
Lisa is the founder and lead producer of Charmed Plume Productions and currently works as content creator for Epic Armoury.
Matt Schiller
Mátyás (Matt) is the guy behind Rhesus Leathercrafts, makes a lot of larping stuff.