Interactive World-building


Sunday, 13:30-13:45

Windy Treetop

I would like to share with you my journey as a larp organiser and game designer from the starts to the very recent days when I am organising my game for the 9th time in an amazing fantasy world I created with my players during the games. I will introduce my larp called Ciklusok Rabjai, a medieval fantasy game that lasts one and a half day every summer. I will tell you about the magical world of Alac and how it became an alive growing world, and some design and tool choices i made and how i work together with the players on this.

VirĂ¡g Varga

I've been roleplaying for nearly 23 years, I love exploring new worlds, but I also regularly play with old favourites. I have been organizing my own LARP for 9 years, but I also participate in organizing other games and am happy to help anyone.