Connections between Larp and Immersive Theater


Friday, 18:30-19:30

Whispering Woods

What are the connections between immersive theater and Larp? How do both of these forms engage participants in transformative stories and how does that relate to more traditional art forms like classic theater or cinema? What’s the experience as a participant in a Larp or in an immersive theater play? What’s the experience as a designer in a Larp or in an immersive theater play? What are the ethics of creative such experiences? Is there a difference between players, participants, audience members? What’s the possibility for social change and empowerment through narrative engagement in these forms?

Immersive Theater & Larp
Let’s discuss how designers and participants can learn from each other from both of these forms, and how we can create new ways of creation and storytelling!

Melanie Dorey
Melanie is an artist and immersive theater director. She is the founder and art director of Madame Lupin, a unique artistic project that explores the intersection of theater, contemporary art, play, and performance. Melanie is known for her contemporary installations and sensory journeys in abandoned places.

David Bassuk

David is the co-founder and Creative Director of White Horse Immersive in China, a company known for bringing the concept of live immersive narrative to media companies Alibaba and Tencent, as well as developing the narrative for the new China Eden Project in Qingdao set to open in 2023. A US theater director and professor of Transmedia Game Design and Immersive Performance, Bassuk has also taught across Europe and the Middle East for Iraq's United Nations peace mission.

Fanni Lakos

Fanni is an actress and theater maker and workshop leader from Hungary. She works with different techniques like method acting, viewpoints, clowning. She feels the need to find the truth of the characters which she is working on and dive into their depths and enjoy the new opportunities that this new “life” borrows.

Nina Runa Essendrop
Nina Runa Essendrop is a Danish artist and larp designer with a master's degree in Theater, Dance and Performance Studies. As an active player in the Nordic Larp community, Nina has designed and produced a diverse range of larps - from blackbox larps, freeform games, large scale-larps, audience inclusive larps to larp festivals.

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