Immersive Adventuring:

Traveling, Camping and Bushcraft in Fantasy LARPs


Saturday, 12:15-12:45

Windy Treetop

In this speech I would like to propose possible solutions to safely emulate the "classic fantasy adventuring lifestyle": living in the wild and on the road as a roving mercenary, ranger or other type of adventurer. I'll show examples of immersive camping gears based on historical findings (both image examples, and showing my own equipment live on the set), bushcrafting techniques to create and enhance shelters and campsites, what equipment should an adventurer bring with themselves in order to "survive in the wilderness", and actually how feasible it is to safely emulate what 80% of adventuring is about: traveling. Participants can also take a closer look at my gear and try them on.

Zoltán Szabó

I am an avid LARPer for over a decade now and I’m enthralled with the idea to fully immerse myself into a medieval setting, including survival camping.
In the civilian life, I’m working now as tech support to an IT company. Before that, I was a press operator. And before that, I served in the Hungarian Defense Forces (that’s where I got fond of camping in harsh conditions I guess).