Forum Oratorum


Saturday, 11:15–13:30

Moonlit Meadow

Dialectic engagements in which participants explore a topic by argumentatively piercing it, acting as advocates on opposite sides of a cause, is one of the earliest forms of role-play. In Western culture it was first developed into the oratory forums of ancient Greece and developed rapidly with the invention of mock debates, especially as an imitation of British parliamentary debates.

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Andrei Olaru
Andrei’s been a competitive debater, judge, coach, and tournament organizer for over 13 years, reaching the finals of Oxford IV and Cambridge IV and representing Romania at the Worlds Championship several times as a speaker or as a coach.

In the past 7 years, he’s been attending and occasionally organizing LARPs together with friends he met in the debate community, whilst also running a game development studio together with, u guessed it, friends from the debating world.
Debate and Roleplay
This workshop puts participants into the shoes of ancient debaters and explores both the socio-cultural context that gave birth to this form of roleplay, the cognitive and educational effects of debating as well as taking a step back and looking at modern competitive debating and its connection with the LARP-ing world.