Forgotten Gods - Exploring Cultural Heritage Through a Citygame


Saturday, 12:00-12:45

Whispering Woods

Ever wanted to feel like a god? Forgotten Gods is a city game exploring European cultural heritage through larp elements. What first started as a larp, has over time transformed into an Erasmus+ project resulting in an edu-game for total beginers meant to discover a city in Europe and the cultural heritage it has. Moreover it challenges the players to critically think about what could be improved, especially sustainability wise. During this talk I will elaborate what are the roots of the FG larp, what’s it about and how did it change over time in design.

Amy van der Zee
I am a youthworker, about 2 years into the field, and mainly active in non-formal education through game related learning like larp. When I started my journey I was simultaneously finishing my masters in sustainable destination development and we decided to combine the two. And that is how the Forgotten Gods journey started.
Other than that I actively love to make my larp costumes from thrifted goods and I have an assortment of crocheted mythical creatures in my home that I brought to live.