Dear Erasmus, do you pay for larp experience?


Friday, 12:30–13:00

Glowing Glade

Zbigniew presents some statistics about larp-related projects in Europe carried out within the framework of Erasmus+ Program, share sources and show how to find them online.

Then a few case studies will follow, based on the experience of Nausika Foundation and friends. Each case concluded with a life-learned hint how to navigate through this framework with lesser pain :)

Zbigniew Janczukowicz
Founder of Nausika Educational Foundation. Runs a larp basement in the historical center of Kraków, Poland. Leader of various EU larp projects, such as Larp For Climate, Forgotten Gods, Larp Alchemy. Believes in larp as a tool for education, personal growth and social change, although would like to upgrade the word "larp" for something even more fancy. In free time, renovates an old house in the Polish mountains and watches his daughter Ronja grow.
Erasmus and Larp
Larp projects and Erasmus+ Are we running complementary projects which may support each other? Do you want to join the community? Play each other games? Let's keep on sharing and networking!