The way of cooperative larp design
from the beginning to future possibilities


Friday, 17:30-18:00

Windy Treetop

The workshop is based on our experiences in organizing our game, called ‘The Frozen World’. Based on its historical timeline and the different concepts of gameplay, we collected our ideas and methods about how to organize a game from the beginning to the end, considering the game design, technical details, time and task management, organization structure, and future possibilities.

Our main goals are to experiment with new strategies of cooperation in game design, alloy classical and more sophisticated methods of storytelling and presentation, and most importantly, to represent this way of entertainment for the future generation and build a community of veteran and newcomer larpers.

Orsolya Breitenstein & Asoum Alagha
I've played different kinds of larp for almost 20 and organized for more than 10 years. I started my larp „career” with hack'n slash games (still enjoy them) later I got to know the Nordic style chamber larps as well. Nowadays  I’m active in two organizations (one of them is “The Frozen World) as larp writer and event organizer. I really enjoy every phase of making larps from the first brainstorming events through the gaming part until the last moments of experience sharing after the events.
Hey, Asoum is here! I'm into LARP, memes, roller skating, playing accordion, and trying new things. When I'm not battling dragons in the forest or shredding on my skates, you can find me serenading my cat with my accordion skills. As a “civilian”, I’m working as a web developer, but one of my biggest dreams is to deal more with our association called Frozen World, and create more exciting larp projects to share this cool activity with others. I’m so excited to present on this conference, and I hope you’ll enjoy and learn new things from us.
Frozen World & Cooperative Design

The key structure of the workshop we are going to present has two parts: In the first half, we are going to introduce our concepts based on the history of ’The Frozen World’, and then, we invite our audience to an interactive think tank where we can share the ideas about cooperative game design.