Character Building Workshop


Saturday, 11:15–12:45

Nymph's Nook

This workshop gives you nice tools in a very short time to build your character more detailed.

How you can leave your own personal life in the background,while roleplaying and make a new character for any game.

Fanni Lakos
I am an actress and theater maker and workshop leader from Hungary.
I work with different techniques like method acting, viewpoints, clowning, etc….
But the most important thing for me is to find the common energy which connects all living creatures on this planet and use this powerful tool to create a new role and to connect with the other characters while working together. I really need to find the truth of the characters which I am working on and dive into its depths and enjoy the new opportunities that this new “life” borrows. Let’s play together!
We will work with body and voice transformation and observation of human peculiarities by using acting techniques.