Beyond the fun: Practical qualities of LARPing


Sunday, 12:30-13:15

Windy Treetop

I am sure that many of you, who are reading this are aware that the advantages of LARPing go way beyond the game itself, and via playing one can acquire and hone a myriad of different skills and qualities. In this speech, I will tell you stories of personal development and growth in connection with LARPing, and try to highlight some of the practicals you can learn while also having fun in the process.

Péter Baki
Hello! Thanks for checking out my programme!:)
My name is Peter and one day, by the will of fate, the gods, or sheer luck, I happened upon an old copy of the Warlock of Firetop Mountain by Ian Livingstone. That book was my gateway to the wonderful and infinite world of live action role playing. I have been playing since I was 15, and at the age of 18, I organized my first LARP camp. Since then, I put more than two dozen events under my belt, and breathed life into multiple games, with vivid, vibrant stories and characters. I’d be more than happy to share my experiences with you, and also learn from everyone who attends my speech! See you there!