Archery Training


Friday, 20:30-21:00

On this program, you can experience archery in our archery range basement, which is located at a 15 minutes walk from the place of the Portal event.

Valentin Forján

I am a Hungarian larp and event organizer, actively working on larps and larp related events in the last 15 years. From the larp I really like the education and the nature aspects, however I am sword enthusiasts. ( I really like historical fencing and archery too). However I am an old remnant from the age when we just go out the forest and make legends -with wooden sticks- I am really interested in new methods and techniques especially for those which are relevant or useful for my events/plans.

Archery Training @ Consensus Grounds
Along with a few organizers from Hungarian larp groups, we building a larp community and also aim to help other organizers and even the players to make our hobby more popular and easily accessible. Our organization called: Consensus Larp Studio, which is an “umbrella organization.”