Anyone's business - How to sneak LARP negotiation & consent talk into your work environment


Sunday, 13:30-14:30

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Communication is key. Whether we are asking questions, listening actively or simply showing an international ’OK’ sign – there is communication. And where is communication there are also misunderstandings… But let’s take one step back.

Corporate and LARPing – what do they have in common, if anything…? First, there are a bunch of people at the same place for a more or less same purpose. Goals? Check. Motivation? Check. Bad guys? Um, check. Probably. So why don’t we steal, I mean borrow some tips and trick from LARP negotiations, safety and consent talks to our work environment?

Ágnes Upor
Trainer, coach, teacher. Volunteer. archer, hobby face painter. Coffee and tea addict. Cat lover. Red panda enthusiast. But I never sing in the shower.

I've been part of tabletop RPGs for about 20 years and playing LARP for nearly just as long - and it's generally true that I love games and anything connected to playfulness.and creative worldbuilding (also referred to as: dreams). Lately I've become more and more interested in how LARP and education can somehow be intertwined, and how the frameworks and rule systems that appear in each game can be constructively integrated into everyday life - and vice versa.
...and if you're not careful enough, I'm willing to talk to you for hours about this.

Life goals: to tame a crow one day, visit Iceland and continue doing what I love: holding trainings and helping others on their way.
Trust me when, as a communications trainer I say – what you picked up at LARPs as part of a safe and great gameplay guidelines are very much part of what can make one successful in a working environment. or, for that matter in any environment where communication plays an important aspect. Which, I know is not a lot, but who knows, you might find it useful in some other times too!