Alliance of the Known Realms


Friday, 14:30-15:00

King's Grove


This exhibition presents the long-lived Hungarian tradition of the Ring Camps, fantasy camps for children that focuses on embodied role-playing experience.

The objects, images, music and stories related to them reveal the similarities and distinction of the different camps, thus the diversity of the kingdoms within the Alliance of the Known Realms.

Bálint Márk Túri
Bálint has a background in filmmaking, he studied directing in Paris and artistic research in Amsterdam. He made several short films, music videos and an award-winning feature film. Bálint is one of the founders of Parallel Worlds Foundation, a Hungarian non-profit organization that concentrates on creating live-action role-playing game events in Budapest.

Ármin Réthly

Ármin is a student in Budapest, he studies art and filmmaking. He's been a ring camper for more than 7 years and he is making a documentary film about this tradition. Ármin is also playing and hosting ttrpg-s and he runs a youtube channel on the topic called Worldwielders.

The Known Realms & the Bánk Tradition

Bálint and Ármin used to co-run a fantasy summer camp for children in rural Hungary, that was an inheritor of the long-lived Hungarian edu-larp methodology, the “Bánk Tradition”.

Bálint is currently starting to research this tradition and the way its methodology can be applied to community-based artistic practices and research.